Based on user feedback and our own testing, we've been making changes to Eva and we would like to share where we are. Eva-9 (she's the ninth prototype) is now awake and ready to go through long hours of repeatability, precision and payload testing.

Eva-9 is now 3x stronger and 4x more accurate than Eva-8. If our calculations are correct, she should be able to lift 650gms to 900gms based on outreach, and be repeatable down to 0.25 mm. In the process, Eva-9 has put on some weight, and weighs in at 2.2kgs. However, don't take our word for it, as we plan to spend the next weeks testing and confirming these numbers.

We believe these improvements open her to a wider range of usecases not possible with Eva-8 and if all goes according to plan we should be able to offer Eva to you within a price range of $2500 - $3500.

We are iterating quite quickly on Eva, and this means we sometimes change things including the above numbers. However, we're getting close to finalizing them so stay tuned for more!